About Dirk

The DIRK Group of Companies consists of various enterprises focusing on the recycling of industrial large volume waste streams. It started in 1966 by construction and operation of a waste oil recycling plant at Bochum, Germany producing industrial and automotive lubricants under the DIRK logo brand.

In 1972, the Group expanded and specialized into recycling of power station tap slags as expendable abrasives (branded DIRK-Blastgrit) which became one of the leading brands for environmentally friendly expendable abrasives.

In 1984, the Dirk Group holding company MILBANK Ltd was established for various environmental projects under the chairmanship of Georg Dirk.

A joint venture with National Power plc named RHENIPAL UK Ltd developed the use of pulverized fuel ash for coal fired power stations as a stabilization material for sewage sludge (branded DIRK-RHENIPAL)

In 1986, Georg Dirk obtained the UK Environment Award for recycling of toxic paper production residues.

Simultaneously DIRK Group introduced the processing of cenospheres, so far unknown in India, under their TECfil brand.

In 2000, DIRK Group formed DIRK India Pvt Ltd for recycling of Fly Ash as a partial cement replacement in concrete (branded POZZOCRETE) and built the first Indian fly ash processing plant at Nashik, Maharashtra.  This initiated a fly ash consumption in concrete of currently 140 million MT/year. The POZZOCRETE brand became a household name for high quality processed fly ash.

In 2011, 60 % of DIRK India shares were bought by Ambuja Cements Limited. Georg Dirk remained MD and Chairman of the Board until in 2014 when the remaining 40 % of shares in DIRK India were bought by AMBUJA.

During Georg Dirk´s chairmanship DIRK India started the production of AMBUJA HiRise, a Pozzolan Cement for High Performance Concrete.

In 2015, Georg Dirk 2015 got a life-time award from experts and universities from of 25 countries at the UKIEIRI gathering in Jalandhar, Punjab, praising  “his outstanding contributions in the area of Cement and Concrete Science, Technology, Design and Construction”.

This Award was presented to Georg Dirk as a recognition of the benefits India had been enjoying from his work which changed Fly Ash from waste to an important cementitious material.

In 2018, DIRK Group registered a new company, DIRK Phoenix Pvt Ltd, in India, to present the latest developments in fly ash products to clients outside India.