Proven use of DP processed and classified fly ash products.

DP fly ash products have been tailor made for a variety of applications in concrete:

Grade ApplicationTypical replacement levelsMarket segments
DP 100HPC & > M60 concrete /
No additional MIC required
5 -10%HPC / High rise towers
DP 83> M60 concrete / grouts20 – 30%Site mix with high grade concrete
DP 63M50 – M70 concrete25 – 35%Captive RMX with high grade / durability / workability
DP 60M40 – M60 concrete25 – 25%Commercial RMX plus captive RMX
DP 40Mass concrete (Dams)
& plaster / mortar
upto 70% (RCC dams)RCC Dams
DP 30< M40 concrete20 – 30%Commercial RMX / compete against low price fly ash suppliers
DP 10Fly ash bricks / paver blocks /
partial sand replacement
20 – 50%Bricks / Pavers

The grades DP10 and DP30 represent rejects from air classification plants. They are only offered to cement manufacturers for inter-grinding with cement clinkers. More detailed information for usage is provided on the DP product data sheets.