The DIRK Group has been developing recycling solutions for power-station by-products since 40 years. For this purpose the group formed in the past from time to time joint ventures with leading power generators in Europe. Now the Utility division of DIRK Group provides management and marketing services throughout India and worldwide. The Indian Nashik plant of DIRK India and the successful business model behind it serves as a template for the DIRK Franchising System. Through this system our know-how is easily made available.

The DIRK Franchise system coordinates your ash processing, management, distribution and marketing.

DIRK Group provides a number of services together as a package or separately in line with your requirements:

  • Operating and maintaining ash collection systems and storage facilities
  • Providing quality assurance
  • Managing environmental compliance, including landfill management
  • Engineering, constructing and renovating of ash handling facilities
  • Developing new fly ash beneficiation systems
  • Providing ash transportation and distribution

If you are interested in this service, please contact us or visit our consultancy webpage